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19890NoteTab working under Wine!

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  • sisterscape
    Jul 28, 2007
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      After months of talking a lot about it, my Linux project finally got
      completed!!! I now have a new 250GB hard drive (partitioned and dual
      booting Ubuntu with XP) and an internal serial modem (the USR 5610c)
      that worked right out of the box.

      Got the desktop theme customized etc. and everything looks great! I
      can also mount (and write to) the XP partition and the partitions on
      the secondary drives.

      Though I haven't really done a lot of coding since installing, I'd like
      to report that NoteTab Light and Tidy seem to function pretty well
      under Wine. Keeping fingers crossed . . .

      There are still a few kinks to work out - there always are with Linux -
      but that's part of the fun of learning new things (like CLI). The best
      part is that someday soon I can hopefully pull the plug on Redmond for

      I'm sooo happy!!!!

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