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19884Re: [NTB] Importing web pages for editing

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  • sisterscape
    Jul 21, 2007
      AFAIK there is no way to import and edit WP pages because of the way
      data is stored.

      Content added to WP needs to be entered via their administrative
      interface. All entries are then stored in the SQL database.

      What I do is code the content entries (including appropriate CSS) and
      then just copy and paste as necessary in the admin GUI.

      If you want to test your code on a particular page, save the source,
      put that in NoteTab and futz with the code for the content you want to
      add until you get it as you want. Then copy and paste the content you
      have coded via the admin interface.

      Hope that makes sense.

      --- "gary.fazenbaker" <gary.fazenbaker@...> wrote:

      > Hello All
      > I am trying to start a blog using Word Press but I still have to edit
      > the XTML. I used Note Tab in the past and I'm pretty sure that I
      > purchased either the standard or pro edition it's been awhile and I
      > can't find my purchase documents or my download. I think the last
      > time I used it was 2 computers back. It seems to me that I used to be
      > able to import my pages to edit then load them back to the server.
      > Right now I am running on the demo copy of the pro edition and I
      > can't seem to find out how to do this. In fact it may not be possible
      > given the many files the WP software uses. If anyone can give me some
      > pointers on this I would really appriciate it.
      > How can I import my page for editing in Note Tab?
      > One more thing I picked up note tab again because it was suggested
      > (on one of the WP forums) that I validate my code. Using the W3C.org
      > validator I get a nice listing but the line numbers given for the
      > errors do not corrispond to the line numbers given by Note Tab.
      > How can I make w3c and note tab line numbers equal?
      > Thanks
      > gary.fazenbaker
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