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19756Re: [NTB] document font not 100% on board

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  • hsavage
    Jun 1, 2007
      Pat(kitPatH) wrote:
      > Recently I changed the screen font to Courier New Bold 12pt.
      > There's something weird about fonts and old files. New documents
      > are shown in the bold font. One existing OTL is displayed
      > with the bold font face.
      > But _most_ of the existing files (txt and otl) are shown
      > in the previous font choice: courier new (regular) 12pt.
      > Why does it redraw some? Has this happened before? Is
      > there a way to get ntp 4.95 to use the new font face on
      > all of the existing files? Is there a magic button? I'm
      > looking for something easier than copy paste to create new
      > txt and otl files -- the only thing I can think to do.
      > Ideas?
      > pat


      Dave is right, look at NotePro.fpr - NoteTab.fpr. Don't just look at
      it, delete it. Subsequent file openings will open with the defaults you
      have set in NoteTab. The file is in NoteTab's main folder.

      If you're a little apprehensive about deleting the file, temporarily
      move it to another folder and check the result. You will have to shut
      down NoteTab, delete the file, restart NoteTab.

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