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19719Re: [NTB] Added /usb command-line switch. Use it when you want to run NoteTab fr

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  • ebbtidalflats
    May 1, 2007
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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the answer. Network security policies
      preven my installing executables (.bat, .exe)
      on USB drives. I use flash ROMs for document
      and library storage only.

      I would personally be OK with running executables
      from a USB drive, but my (computer-phobic) clients
      would not be. It'd be like hotwiring a car. Not
      exactly the Windows norm of starting programs
      from the start menu or the desktop (from shortcuts).

      I too use a batchfile to start NoteTab, but its
      located on the hard disk, and does not break the
      link. But there are still many problems, especi-
      ally in installing the batchfile. For example,
      picture a novice user trying to assign a NoteTab
      icon to the batchfile shortcut.

      I'm simply looking for a cleaner way to do this.



      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "John Mitchell" <notetab@...> wrote:
      > Eb
      > You are not missing anything but there is an easy workaround. Suppose
      > you have installed NTB in a directory called NOTETAB on your USB stick.
      > In the root of your USB drive create a command called NTB.BAT with the
      > following...
      > start .\notetab\notepro.exe /usb
      > That should do it.
      > Regards, John M
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