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19673otl and Document to HTML Conversion

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  • sam_henry11
    Mar 30, 2007
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      I have been getting re acquainted with Notetab-- Got my latest version
      of PRO.

      I am to do down and dirty html document that is nothing more than a
      bunch of notes and links to other documents on the file server.

      Using an outline works Great and is very fast to update and republish.

      The only thing is that I would like to modify what the
      Document-to-HTML actually does.
      I perform Modify->Document to HTML-->No Character conversion.

      Little things like mabye adding a few line breaks after each (Top Of
      Page), possibly background color, default text...

      Is there a way I can do that or maybe there is a clip that does the
      same thing?

      Or maybe I just need to put the HTML text in my intro page and
      manually paste the breaks each time I update.

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