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19641Question: Migrating Favorites to NT5

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  • Joe Rose
    Mar 9 1:21 PM
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      I've upgraded to NT5. Set it up as a new install under C:\Program
      Files\NoteTab Pro 5. Was trying to set up the program as appearance
      and links out to other things as was my old 4.95. In the 4.95 program
      folder I see a separate folder for Favorites; inside that folder are
      all the *.fvr groups i've set up.

      I was going to copy them over to NT5 program folder, but I see no
      separate folder in the ..\NoteTab Pro 5 directory.

      Am I missing something? I've looked for a setting in 4.95 where I
      might have created a separate folder to act as a default for
      Favorites, but I can't find anything.

      Does anyone know if I can move/copy my current list of favorites into
      my new NT5 so that I don't have to manually reassign each file?

      Thanks, Joe