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19594Re: Should I buy this software?

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  • S or J
    Feb 18, 2007
      Hi Maureen and Jeff:

      Actually the freeware version 4.95 does do mass edits --
      just a little differently, but with no difficulty.

      I use it every month to make several thousand "search and
      replaces" across a total of 3 or 4 megabytes of open files (typically
      30 of my website files at a time). I probably could do more files
      at a time but don't know if NoteTab Light has a memory size
      limit for such transactions; so I err on the side of caution.

      First close all open files so only the files we will need will
      be present for the editing..

      If you have no idea which files contain the text needing change,
      Jeff's Ctl+D brings up the search box allowing a search through
      all the files in a directory, or including sub directories. Make sure
      the Confirm box is checked, and it will now display all files
      found matching the criteria. You have the option, thanks to Confirm,
      as to which files you will leave checked for opening. Click on Open
      and only the files remaining checked will be opened for editing.

      (NoteTab Light differs from Jeff's instructions in that the
      Ctl+D search box contains no replace option. Instead the selected
      files containing your search criteria are now all open and
      the Replace option is to be done from another menu.)

      Under NoteTab Light's Search menu is a Replace function,
      which you can direct to do search and replace across all open
      files, with or without confirmation. Works great.

      As to whether NoteTab Light meets all your other needs will
      depend on your evaluation of additional features present
      in the paid versions. They are all terrific programs.


      Steve -- in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

      "Jeff Scism" Scismgenie@... wrote:
      >The freeware verson (NoteTab light) doesn't do mass edits, but both
      >purchased versions do.
      >When you get the Standard or Pro version post on the list and someone
      >will be able to answer your questions.
      >The Program does it by directory replacements, youn tell it which
      >directory to search , give it what to search for and what to replace the
      >phrase with.
      >VERY simple, all you have to do is hold down the Ctrl key and tap the
      >letter D. (Ctrl+D)
      >Once the directory search box opens you use the edit bar at the top of
      >the box to switch from search directory to replace in directory.
      >(I use the 'confirm option' to display which files it will change BEFORE
      >it changes them, if you leave it unchecked it makes the changes as it
      >finds the phrase.
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