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19593Re: [NTB] Should I buy this software?

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  • Bruce Meyers
    Feb 18, 2007
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      You are hearing from some of the professionals who use NoteTab and they are right. It has a great many valuable features even if you don't use clips. I don't use clips because I don't understand them and have never learned how to create them or even to use some that are in libraries. I am an "advanced beginner" at html - xhtml and css and I find that NoteTab is invaluable in working on web pages. [This makes me a little closer to you in ability than the professionals who have replied.]

      Some people submit material to me to include in web pages in text files. NoteTab can convert text files to html files (if you are willing to do a little editing afterward) and this feature is ideal for my needs.

      I strongly urge you to buy either NoteTab Pro or NoteTab Standard (which is what I use) and learn to use some of the wonderful features it has. You cannot go wrong!

      sswvfarm1081 <sswvfarm1081@...> wrote:
      Hello, I have a website and my son created the pages in Dreamweaver.
      Usually he is not available to edit them for me. I can do simple
      changes myself and upload the revised pages. However, sometimes I
      need to do mass edits which take me all day.

      I found the NoteTab software in a search and I would like to know
      your opinion -

      1) if I buy this, will I be able to get it installed and do the mass
      edits without a long learning curve? I can learn the other features

      2) is this ok to use with pages created in Dreamweaver?

      3) should I just try the freeware for what I need to do right now?

      Sorry to sound so ignorant - I was actually a mainframe programmer
      for 20 years, but never learned pc/web applications! Now I am in a
      completely different field and am learning this stuff for my own
      website by trial and error.

      Thank you in advance - user groups are the best!


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