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19589Re: [NTB] Should I buy this software?

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Feb 18, 2007
      Jeff Scism wrote:
      > The freeware verson (NoteTab light) doesn't do mass edits, but both
      > purchased versions do.
      I would not say this is totally accurate. Even if search and replace on
      disk isn't available on the freeware version (I don't have any idea as
      I'm not running a copy), you can still do mass replacements via a clip
      with the freeware version. This is great software if you are willing to
      use it fully and the cost of buying one of the main versions is very

      You can see the relative comparison of the three versions here:

      You can most definitely work on files created in dreamweaver in notetab.
      I'm not a dreamweaver fan really. I much prefer notetab and seeing my
      html. If you are a mainframe guy, learning a little html won't take you
      long. It is a very simple language for the most part.
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