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19588Re: [NTB] Should I buy this software?

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  • loro
    Feb 18, 2007
      sswvfarm1081 wrote:
      >1) if I buy this, will I be able to get it installed and do the mass
      >edits without a long learning curve? I can learn the other features

      Sure. In addition to the disk search that Jeff mentioned you can do
      replacements in all open documents. It's also possible to make more
      advanced replacements with the help of the built-in scripting language
      ("CLips"). For example you could search for <!-- FOOTER START --> and
      replace everything from there to <!-- FOOTER END -->. There's a Clip list
      where people would be happy to help you with how to do that.

      BTW, you don't have to buy to try. There's a 30 days trial IIRC. I'd get
      the Pro, not Standard. You can see the differences here.

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