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19569Re: [NTB] Re: Still trying to set margins

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    Feb 4, 2007
      N. M. Wallace wrote:
      >6. Joined lines again.
      >4. Saved the document.
      >5. Reopened. The text was wrapped, but the hard breaks were also at
      >the end of each line.

      OK. What I thought you did, and what works without catching the hard line
      breaks, is to copy the text directly after you have used Join Lines. Then
      the text can be pasted into another application or into another document in
      Notetab without line breaks.

      If you want to save the document without the line breaks I think you have
      to first Join Lines and then uncheck Wrap To Column in Document Properties.

      I hope I got that right. I don't use Standard normally and as said pro
      doesn't behave like this.
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