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19520Windows XP Media edition security problem

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  • Kent Butler
    Jan 4 12:10 PM
      I'm using NoteTab Pro 4.95 (terrific!). On the pages I create for my
      online magazine is the java code for the hit counter. All was well
      until some recent Windows security "upgrade" (automatic).

      Now, every time I go from NT to view my work in the browser (Internet
      Explorer), I get a chime and a bar across the top saying Windows has
      blocked potentially harmful active programs or downloads. Following
      the directions to get rid of the chime/warning doesn't work (well,
      it's Windows...). They also suggest changing the 'net security
      setting, but if you do that, the machine practically explodes in bells
      and dire warnings.

      Any help disabling this stuff (chime and warning bar) would be gratly
      appreciated. I view my HTML work probably hunddreds of times every

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