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19504Re: Changing Ctrl-Shift-A to Ctrl-Shift-H

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  • Sheri
    Dec 10, 2006
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "kenfhill84083" <kenfhill@...> wrote:
      > I tried this technique with NTB pro 5.1 but it would
      > not change the shortcut for adding an outline heading
      > from Ctrl+Shift+A to Ctrl+Shift+H. I want to make the
      > change to avoid a conflict with another program,
      > PowerStructure, which uses Ctrl+Shift+A to manipulate
      > itself from any running program.
      > I have tried both Ctrl+Shift+H Document/Ouline
      > Headings/Add Heading and Ctrl+Shift+H Document/Ouline
      > Headings/Add Heading... (with trailing ellipsis like on
      > the main menu)
      > I also have tried to switch the syntax from
      > Ctrl+Shift+H to Shift+Ctrl+H.
      > Nothing works. Can anyone counsel me on this?
      > Ken

      The problem is likely that Shift+Ctrl+H is already used.

      Unless you've remapped it, it is assigned to:

      Modify/Characters to HTML/Extended

      You have to use an available mapping for key assignments. To make a
      used one available, you must use an available one to free it up (i.e.,
      there's assignment for "none").

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