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19472Re: [NTB] Paste Board Failing

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  • Alec Burgess
    Nov 30, 2006

      > <<You didn't say whether you had already tried just terminating Notetab and
      > restarting it and then turning on the Pasteboard function. >>
      > I did reboot several times (although I didn't explicitly close ALL
      > applications before rebooting). Nevertheless, I followed your suggestions just
      > now, and I did close everything before turning off power to the PC. When I
      > started back up all copying and pasteboard functions returned to normal. I was
      > able to exercise copying text out of Word, Excel, MS Internet Explorer,
      > Outlook Express, Firefox, and telnet.
      > Nary a glitch anywhere. This indicates that the problem was preserved even
      > when the machine was shut down because part of the shutdown sequence is to
      > preserve the state of running applications. In my case, it was preserving the
      > error condition too.
      I'm not sure that it would be the preservation of the state of running
      apps so much as reboots starting things in the same order. I suspect
      you've still got some program which, (at least under certain
      circumstances, possibly something you do only occasionally(?)), is doing
      something incorrect to the clipboard chain.

      If/when(?) it happens again, hopefully you've now got enough data points
      to restore the Notetab-pasteboard functionality with less trouble than
      > Many thanks for the help -- I learned from this experience.

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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