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19414Re: [NTB] Lost Clip Library

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Nov 6 4:49 AM
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      Robin Chapple wrote:
      > I have just updated to version 5.1.
      > I used all the deafults as they were presented and now I have lost my
      > clip loibrary.

      They are still out there. I think you recover them under Program

      The new setup uses a different place to put them more consistent with
      multi-user machines, or something like that. I think a failure to
      attempt to recover your existing clips is a shortcoming in the new
      installation that is confusing a lot of people. I wonder if someone
      couldn't write a clip to recover it?

      Anyway, I didn't pay attention to the details, but I do want to assure
      you they are still out there. If you can start version 4x (you can have
      both running and that is a good idea because a few of them won't run
      right under 5.x) you can simply copy any you like over that way too,
      although it is less efficient than simply moving a library at a time.
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