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19411Re: [NTB] ISO? UTF ? How to set it

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  • Eric Fookes
    Nov 2 9:00 AM
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      Hi Don,

      >> Characters like =FC =F6 =D4 are extended or Unicode characters that the
      >> sender's mail client has encoded using a method called quoted-printable
      >> encoding. So what you're seeing is not a NoteTab issue. NoteTab is
      >> simply displaying the text as it is stored in your mailbox file.
      >> We're getting ready to release Mailbag Assistant later today. This new
      >> update will display your UTF-8 messages correctly. Maybe that'll be a
      >> good solution for what you're trying to do.
      > Or email the clips list with the affected characters and I bet an easy
      > clip could be used?

      It could indeed be done that way. But the changes must not be saved or
      the mailbox file will be corrupted and may not display correctly in
      Thunderbird. So this can be a risky procedure.


      Eric Fookes
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