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19408ISO? UTF ? How to set it

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  • swisscatdk
    Nov 2, 2006
      Dear all
      I use a purchased Notetab Pro 4.95/np (full version)
      I am in Switzerland and receive emails which use French accents and
      German Umlauts.
      I use Thunderbird as a email program. This stores the emails in plain
      text and so it is easy for me to open e.g. my "Orders" mailbox with
      Notetab Pro and sort out the emails that way by "manipulating" the
      text of those mails.
      Several years ago when I started using Notetab (the shareware
      version), when I opened the mailbox file, the content of the emails
      was displayed correctly in NoteTab, e.g. the word "hübsch" was shown
      as such.
      Now, no matter how the ISO/UTF setting is set in Thunderbird, NoteTab
      does not display the accents. Instead it displays e.g.
      This is really annoying, as when I sort out orders to transfer them
      to an Excel file, I need to change all these =FC, =F6 =D4 etc. to
      visible letters.
      Is there any setting I can use to make NoteTab Pro display accented
      letters correctly ?
      Thanks for any help !
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