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19407Re: [NTB] Is NoteTeb Std 5.1 portable app?

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  • Taksina Isarabhakdi
    Oct 27, 2006
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, hsavage <hsavage@...> wrote:
      > Taksina Isarabhakdi wrote:
      > > I intend to run NoteTab Std on a flash drive but wonder whether the
      > > latest version writes/reads from the registry? In other word, does it
      > > leave traces? If so, is there any command line to force it to read
      > > from an .ini file intead?
      > Taksina,
      > Everything leaves some kinds of traces in Windows but, there shouldn't
      > be anything really important.
      > Saving all critical settings in an inifile has always been the default
      > for NoteTab, which I like. If I'm not wrong, the older versions of
      > NoteTab, before 5, had the option to use the registry instead of an ini
      > file. After looking through the options it appears that option is no
      > longer available.
      > Installing NoteTab on a removable drive is not difficult, the thing
      > will give you the most trouble is the possibility that each different
      > machine will assign a different drive letter to your flash drive.
      > A discussion began on 09/26 on this subject '[NTB] Anyone else running
      > pro on a usb drive?'. If you go to Yahoo's archive of the NoteTab list
      > you may find some useful information.
      > ºvº
      > 2006.10.26
      > -Newspaper HeadLine...
      > "Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge"
      > hrs ø hsavage@...

      Thanks for the reply. I've already checked it out and have reverted to
      version 4.95. I don't have many favorites so paths should not be a
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