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19331Re: [NTB] Backing up the NoteTab program to CD.

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  • F Hurst
    Oct 3, 2006
      Thanks for the reply Dave.

      Your suggestion is what I do for some of my other programs. What I was
      trying to do was save some space on the CD by being selective. However, if
      that's what it takes, I'll setup Syncback to copy the entire directory to my
      backup as you suggested.


      dave, wrote:

      Just drop the whole notetab folder on the CD, problem solved.

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      Subject: [NTB] Backing up the NoteTab program to CD.

      > Which files within NoteTab's installation directory do I need to
      > backup to CD so that, during a reinstallation of the program, I can
      > retore my toolbar and options settings?

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