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19329Re: [NTB] Add new clip

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  • hsavage
    Oct 1, 2006
      colleencooksmc wrote:
      > Real newbie here. I have only been using Notetab Pro for about 3
      > weeks and currently am using someone else's Clip Library. How do I
      > add a new clip to it. I have looked in help and can't locate it.
      > Could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks


      What do you mean, using someone else's Clip Library? Several
      clipbooks/libraries come with NoteTab, your's should be displayed in
      tabs at the bottom of the edit window. By clicking one of the tabs the
      corresponding clipbook should be displayed in the clipbook editor window
      on the left.

      If you have a clip from another source you can add it with the following
      Find this in Help clicking the following items.
      Help Topics
      in the lefthand pane open 'How-To'
      then select 'Create Clipbook Libraries'

      at the bottom of section '1. With the Clipbook Tool' you'll find this

      You can also add text from other applications by copying it to Windows'
      clipboard. Open the Clipbook's list box shortcut menu and select Add
      from Clipboard.

      It means select and copy to the clipboard the 'other' clip you want to
      add, then right-click in the editor window at the location you want the
      clip added to and select 'Add from Clipboard' in the right-click menu.

      You should then right-click again in the editor window and select 'Save
      Now' this makes the addition permanent and ready to use, you may
      possibly have to close and reopen that particular clipbook to insure it

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