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19103Re: [NTB] Transferring settings from 4.95 to 5

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  • Alec Burgess(g)
    Aug 4, 2006
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      >Version 5 always uses the registry, there's no choice.

      I don't think that's correct. One of the big changes Eric made for V5 is to
      support separate user files in C:\Documents and
      Settings\{username}\Application Data\NoteTab Pro

      In fact, AFAICT the Options/Advanced "store settings in registry" in the 4.x
      series has been removed!

      I haven't followed exactly what you're doing .... but maybe you could try
      changing that option in your 4.96 version (at least temporarily). Possibly
      there is some bug in ntb5 that is getting confused by leftovers from the
      4.96 setting.

      Hopefully changing the option in 4.96 will remove the detrius in the
      registry allowing a clean install of ntb 5.

      Regards ... Alec
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      > Op vrijdag 4 augustus 2006 16:55 schreef hsavage:
      > > I became curious about this registry key and checked my own registry,
      > > it isn't there. Could it be it's only created if one has allowed
      > > NoteTab to write to the registry instead of an inifile? :-\
      > That's quite possible, as I marked Store settings in Registry, because
      using the ini file instead of the registry requires administrative
      permissions, which is considered unsafe practice, and doesn't allow separate
      user settings. Version 5 always uses the registry, there's no choice.
      > > I've been using NoteTab for quite a while and the one thing I've
      > > avoided is using the registry in place of NotePro/Tab inifile.
      > Alex.
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