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19102Re: [NTB] Transferring settings from 4.95 to 5

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  • Alex Plantema
    Aug 4, 2006
      Op vrijdag 4 augustus 2006 16:55 schreef hsavage:

      > I became curious about this registry key and checked my own registry,
      > it isn't there. Could it be it's only created if one has allowed
      > NoteTab to write to the registry instead of an inifile? :-\

      That's quite possible, as I marked Store settings in Registry, because using the ini file instead of the registry requires administrative permissions, which is considered unsafe practice, and doesn't allow separate user settings. Version 5 always uses the registry, there's no choice.

      > I've been using NoteTab for quite a while and the one thing I've
      > avoided is using the registry in place of NotePro/Tab inifile.

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