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19068Re: Re: [NTB] Upgrade worked perfectly for me.

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  • stanblaz@netspace.net.au
    Jul 31, 2006
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      On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 17:31:11 -0500, you wrote:

      >Hi Scott and Others,
      >>prog@... wrote:
      >>> As I've been seeing a lot of people who have been commenting on
      >>> problems I thought I'd mention that the update worked perfectly
      >>> for me.
      >>Ditto here. Once I installed 4.95 (I was running 4.92), I
      >>got the Updates option from the Help menu, and I was able to
      >>proceed with the upgrade order process from there. In terms
      >>of installing 5.0, I first uninstalled 4.95, renamed my old
      >>C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro directory, and verified that
      >>there were no old Profile settings that might conflict with
      >>the new version. I then installed 5.0 without a hitch, and
      >>the program seems to run very well -- none of the slow toolbar
      >>loading John reported.
      >>With regard to the slow tool bar thing, FWIW, I'm running
      >>Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.
      >I believe the slow Clipbar issue is with NoteTab Standard;
      >NoteTab Pro does not exhibit the problem.

      I have to disagree there, (unless the trial version of NoteTab Pro 5 is
      different from the full version) I have never even looked at the standard

      I have tried it on 2 systems ....
      Win98se Pentium 233Mhz 128meg ram ... 'first' display of each clipbar can
      take up to 20 seconds, thereafter OK until NoteTab is closed & reopened, then

      WinXPsp2 Pentium4 2.8Ghz 512meg ram ... 'first' display of each clipbar is
      noticeably slow (about 3 secs & you can see each icon being displayed),
      thereafter almost instant until NoteTab is closed & reopened, then repeats.

      Both installations were done as a separate install from the already installed

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