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18918Re: [NTB] Too small dialog boxes

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jul 12, 2006
      Eric Fookes wrote:
      > Hi Larry,
      >> I am new to the group, to message groups in general and to NoteTab. I
      >> am currently in the 30 day trial of NoteTab Pro. It looks like there
      >> is a lot to like with the program. But, I have a problem with the
      >> dialog boxes used for customization in the Options menu. Many of
      >> these boxes are too small for the elements within, making the bottom
      >> line (or perhaps more, I suppose) unreadable and unusable. Is there a
      >> way to correct this? (I use Windows XP Pro).
      > There is indeed a problem with some dialog boxes when Windows is
      > configured to use large fonts. This issue has been fixed in NoteTab 5.0,
      > which will be released soon. I hope to have a public beta ready for
      > download today...
      Wow, that is a major announcement from Eric!

      I am trying to find an example of what you refer to Larry, but I might
      try the following:
      a. some dialog boxes can be resized by dragging them
      b. try using tab to get beyond the visible items perhaps
      c. go to start --> control panel --> display --> appearance --> font
      size and try adjusting your settings until you get the options the way
      you want them
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