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18842Re: [NTB] Re: Insert tag has "funny" characters

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  • Don Daugherty
    Jun 19, 2006
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      CAHansen1 wrote:
      > --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "CAHansen1" <cahansen1@...> wrote:
      >> I just started using Notetab and it's a great program. One question I
      >> have involves dragging an image from the Quick List into the HTML
      >> document and automatically having Notetab create the HTML tag complete
      >> with path, size, etc. Why does the created tag have funny characters
      >> in the path? It seems that everywhere there is a space in the path,
      >> Notetab is putting a "%" symbol. Why is this happening? Is this
      >> something I correct, or is it supposed to be that way?
      >> Thanks.
      Not many people seem to be reading email right now, and I accidently
      deleted it with other threads that were finished. The best answer I can
      give you is to say that "it's normal." I think %20 (the number may be
      wrong) is a standard code for the space character. You'll find it used
      by a number of programs working with html. So, regardless of whether
      you and I find it more difficult to read, apparently it's more reliable
      in many program contexts and seems to be fairly standard practice, along
      with similar codes
      for other non-alphanumeric characters. You didn't do anything wrong
      and it's not a program bug.

      Hope this helps.
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