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18814Re: multiple favorite folders

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  • tiptoebasoon
    Jun 1 3:07 PM
      Thanks for the response, Alec.

      AFAICT what you describe works to set a particular .fvr file as
      default when NTP starts up, but not to load a different set of
      multiple .fvr files, which is what I'm thinking about. Any way
      perhaps to point to a different Favorites folder with the .ini file?

      Also, is there a way to increase the length of the dropdown menu of
      Favorites in Quick List, so I don't have to scroll the contents?



      Hi Tiptoe:

      >From Help-CommandLine parameters:

      >>>>/F=FavoritesFileName Specify an alternative Favorites list file

      (without extension or path). The file name must follow the equal
      sign. Do not use any spaces before or after the equal. Favorites
      lists must be in the Favorites subfolder. If the file does not exist,
      it will be created. If you want the files in the list to open
      automatically on startup, make sure you check the Auto Load Favorites
      option in the Options dialog box.
      Regards ... Alec

      >> I've made a couple sets of favorites for big projects, and I can
      >> choose which to load by changing which folder is named 'Favorites';
      >> but is it possible to specify alternative folders of favorites,
      >> could be loaded, with say, different shortcuts?
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