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18813Re: [NTB] View-Options freezes the screen

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  • Jody
    Jun 1, 2006
      Hi byzant98,

      >Whenever I open Notetab Pro, the program seems to change the
      >monitor resolution so that some of the images on the Windows
      >taskbar are blurry. I thought I might find what is going on by
      >looking under View-Options in Notetab, but when I click Options,
      >the program freezes and I have to close it down. Is this a bug in
      >Notetab Pro?

      Those errors are usually due to low resources although it
      normally happens at startup of NoteTab. Sometimes they may be
      caused by certain file(s). It/they may open fine a few at a
      time, but when trying to load them all on startup is a different
      matter. If you get error messages like Win32 API, TClipbookList,
      Exception EWin32Error, NoteTab freezes, or seems to freeze up
      (which might be loading many MB) sometimes it can happen on
      startup because you had too many large documents to reload from
      when you last had NoteTab open. (Sometimes a reboot takes care
      of it if you have not done that yet, or closing other programs
      that may open when you start up Windows.)

      You may need to remove the files from NoteTab Pro's ini file;
      NotePro.ini found in its main folder. Try opening an editor that
      will read text documents like Notepad or Wordpad and open
      NotePro.ini found in its main folder. Scroll down till you get
      to the [Autoload] section and remove all the paths to the files
      to reload on startup. You might want to try it from a fresh
      Windows boot up as well. You can copy the file paths/names so
      that you can open the same files again easier when you get
      NoteTab running.

      You may edit the INI file inside NoteTab if you are able to open
      it. Simply save the file with an exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini
      or !NoteTab.ini; Pro or Std/Light respectively) in front of it
      and restart NoteTab. Some programs have memory leaks in them as
      well as some Windows versions like WinME/Win98. Some programs do
      not release all the memory they were using while open. That can
      add up to not having enough memory for programs to start causing
      all kinds of errors.

      More information about memory:

      Windows has basically three types of memories: RAM, Virtual
      Memory (your hard disk), and a small section of RAM used for
      storing Windows object handles. When Windows runs out of system
      resources, it may have plenty of RAM left, but it runs out of
      space for storing handles. This is often when funny things start
      happening like the tab bar displaying blank tabs, or the Toolbar
      showing no icons.

      Only libraries open in the Clipbook window will occupy RAM. The
      more items, and the larger the Clips, the more RAM it uses up.
      Running Clips that create variables will take another chunk from
      RAM. Closing the Clipbook window will free several handles which
      occupy the third type of memory.

      Some things in NoteTab can cause extra memory to be used are:
      Large amounts of Favorites and long lists slow down the loading
      of NoteTab and use up a fair amount of RAM.

      A large Undo limit size. What is considered large is largely
      dependant on how many documents you open. Should rarely be a
      problem if you open less than 50 documents at a time.

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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