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  • Jody
    May 9, 2006
      Hi Midgie,

      >I figured that that whole file had somehow become a template - in fact when
      >discarding the previous program I noticed dozens of templates in the NT
      >folder - I opened a few and they were previous files I had edited and saved
      >elsewhere! Now I had never asked the prog to create templates so I cannot
      >figure that! And it apparently did not do it with every file - as I have
      >edited hundreds, not dozens <g> So I am wondering what is up with that??

      Beats me, but check to make sure you don't have Make Backups checked, or
      maybe you had it checked at one time.

      >Anyhow it now works and I suggest that no one mess with the wrap in the

      haha. It works fine once you figure it the two settings for the
      settings; one being for each document and one global for all new
      documents. Open Centered doesn't have anything to do with word
      wrap, although if you have wrap to column checked and your column
      setting is larger than the Normal screen size that you have
      NoteTab opening too, then the lines could get that long line -
      short line effect.

      Here's a tip on the window size being remembered...

      1. Resize and adjust the program window where you want it.
      2. Click on the program icon located on Titlebar (upper left).
      3. Uncheck "Open Centered" if checked.
      4. Click on the program icon again.
      5. Click on "Save Window State" (which does not get a check mark).
      6. Restart NoteTab at this time.

      Tip: You can right click on the Titlebar for the same menu as above
      or press the Alt key and then the spacebar while holding Alt down
      (Alt+Spacebar). Simply pressing Alt alone will collapse the menu
      once opened or clicking in a "non-clickable" area of your screen.

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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