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18734Re: [NTB] setting the path for backup files

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  • Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
    Apr 29, 2006
      At 05:25 PM 4/29/2006 , you wrote:
      >Hi Mike,
      >You need to signup for the Clips list if you want to ask
      >questions about writing Clips or asking somebody to write them
      >for you. See me comments below...
      > >Is it possible to set the path for backup files?
      > >
      > >I looked over the .ini file and did not see anything which might
      > >change the default backup directory to a user specified one.
      >No, there's not a way to set the path for the backup files. The
      >only work-around that I can think of is to make a Clip to use on
      >your default Clipbar in registered versions of NoteTab that you
      >would click on to save the file somewhere you specify. You could
      >also have an OnClose Clip event to save all open files to a
      >specific folder, and also put it on the Clipbar. (You can signup
      >for the Clips or OffTopic lists at the bottom of every NoteTab
      >Basic list [NTB] message as well.) Please read the following list
      >rules if you have not done so lately.

      There was no way for me to know this was a clip question so I sent it to
      the NoteTab list.




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