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18710Re: [NTB] Problem in copying/pasting extended-ascii characters

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  • Jody
    Apr 24, 2006
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      Hi Zielona,

      I get a few problem reports of NoteTab Std/Light not being able
      to display Polish extended characters. I am not certain, but
      believe there may be a problem with NoteTab Std/Light when using
      Polish characters. The only suggestion I have is to try setting
      the document you are pasting into up with a Polish font before
      pasting. (Unless you find a fixed width font to use in NoteTab
      Pro, I doubt you'll get it to work at all in it.) You might try
      looking at the Script type in the Font dialogs to see if any of
      those will work.

      We are still beta testing v5 of NoteTab and still mostly fixing
      the bugs that were created when Eric upgraded the program code to
      a newer version. Once we get those fixed we'll start on other
      none bugs and add some easy to implement new features. At that
      time, we'll take a look at the Polish extended characters. The
      new upgraded program code (program libraries - not Clipbook
      Libraries) may automatically correct the problem if it is a
      NoteTab or Delphi (a program that Eric programs with) issue.

      >I was using the NoteTab editor under Windows98 for five years
      >without problems of copying/pasting texts with extended-ascii
      >characters. You could see my web page (www.qsl.net/ve3xpl/)
      >composed mostly in Polish language with its diacritical
      >characters. Character encoding followed an ISO-8895-2 standard.
      >Recently, I bought a new computer with Windows XP system and
      >discovered that the NoteTab editor corrupts copied texts with
      >extended-ascii characters. Only 6 of the total 18 extended-ascii
      >characters in Polish language are copied/pasted correctly. I
      >checked this function on 4 other text editors (Notepad, etc.)
      >and they handled extended-ascii characters correctly. I also
      >checked copying/pasting on another XP computer and the NoteTab
      >worked ... correctly!
      >So, the problem seems to be in my computer. Indeed, I provided
      >the Language Support (Polish font and keyboard-input) to be able
      >to compose and read Polish texts. A similar support I had in my
      >old W98 computer. I think the language support does not influence
      >copying/pasting function of a text editor (only a screen
      >display), but if so, why only the NoteTab is effected? Is it
      >something pecular with NoteTab setup that I am missing to know?
      >I have spent hundereds of hours in troubleshooting this problem
      >and in surfing the Internet, searching for help. I am running
      >out of ideas to solve it (new computer, new Windows, new language
      >support, same NoteTab - where to look and who to ask?). I like
      >the NoteTab and want to stay with it. I will appreciate any help.
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