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18707Problem in copying/pasting extended-ascii characters

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  • zielona_kaczka
    Apr 23, 2006
      I was using the NoteTab editor under Windows98 for five years without
      problems of copying/pasting texts with extended-ascii characters. You
      could see my web page (www.qsl.net/ve3xpl/) composed mostly in Polish
      language with its diacritical characters. Character encoding followed
      an ISO-8895-2 standard.

      Recently, I bought a new computer with Windows XP system and
      discovered that the NoteTab editor corrupts copied texts with
      extended-ascii characters. Only 6 of the total 18 extended-ascii
      characters in Polish language are copied/pasted correctly. I checked
      this function on 4 other text editors (Notepad, etc.) and they
      handled extended-ascii characters correctly. I also checked
      copying/pasting on another XP computer and the NoteTab worked ...

      So, the problem seems to be in my computer. Indeed, I provided the
      Language Support (Polish font and keyboard-input) to be able to
      compose and read Polish texts. A similar support I had in my old W98
      computer. I think the language support does not influence
      copying/pasting function of a text editor (only a screen display), but
      if so, why only the NoteTab is effected? Is it something pecular with
      NoteTab setup that I am missing to know?

      I have spent hundereds of hours in troubleshooting this problem and in
      surfing the Internet, searching for help. I am running out of ideas
      to solve it (new computer, new Windows, new language support, same
      NoteTab - where to look and who to ask?). I like the NoteTab and want
      to stay with it. I will appreciate any help.

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