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18675Re: [NTB] notepad pro not storing settings

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  • Don Daugherty
    Apr 14, 2006
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      Re: [NTB] Settings not updated in XP limited user accounts

      An alternative that I think ought to work is to NOT try to use the
      registry, but instead use an ini-file that is stored in a folder for
      which you have full rights. If you can get a copy of the regular
      Notetab.ini or NotePro.ini file and save it to your own folder, then you
      can use it, as follows:
      Edit the short-cut used to start NoteTab (create a new one, if you can't
      change the one you were using) to specify the new ini file,
      as documented in Help under Command-line Parameters. For example, I
      have a short-cut in my launch tray whose properties show the following

      "D:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /ini="d:\Program
      Files\NoteTab Pro\DgdPro"

      I could edit this to give the ini file a different path and filename.

      The only limitation that I can see to this approach, is that "file
      associations" would still use the default ini file when you double-click
      on such a filename in Explorer or other file manager.
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