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18621Re: [NTB] Re: How to move NTP to new computer?

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  • loro
    Apr 2, 2006
      Clueless in Seattle wrote:
      >OK! I got NTP up and running on my new machine!
      >But none of my personal settings carried over from my old machine.
      >Is there a particular file (or set of files) from my old machine that
      >I need to find and somehow import into my new installation of NTP?

      notepro.ini or notetab.ini, depending on which version you run. In either
      case it's in Notetab's main folder, alongside the exe.

      >And I can't seem to find the way to turn on the WordStar keyboard
      >shortcut command set. Eric was kind enough to work with me on
      >creating that years ago.

      On the Advanced tab in Options there's a field labeled "keymapping". You
      can choose WordStar there. I suspect there's more to it since Eric helped
      you, but that's a start anyway.

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