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18611Re: [NTB] startup defaults NoteTab Pro

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  • kuehnik
    Mar 31, 2006
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "kuehnik" <kuehnik@...> wrote:
      > --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "Don - htmlfixit.com" <don@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Lisa Francis wrote:
      > > > Each time I start NoteTab Pro, it goes back to default options.
      > > This implies that your .ini file is not being updated. Do you have
      > > appropriate permissions on your machine for this file to be saved?
      > Hi,
      > Same problem here: Windows 2000, working as a restricted user. The
      > .ini file (and the whole of the notetab folder) has
      > read-write-change-execute permissions for the restricted user and for
      > the admins and system. I can, as a restricted user, manually change
      > the .ini file and I get new defaults. Any changes done in the gui
      > (e.g. the files open at startup or if the clipboard is open) are
      > undone on subsequent restart, i.e. changing anything in the gui
      > doesn't change the defaults.
      > I have the setting UseRegistry=0, so I suppose the registry isn't
      > touched and only the .ini file is used?
      > When first starting notetab as a restricted user I didn't have any
      > .ini file and didn't have write-change permissions for the program
      > folder. The .ini file was made after switching to the admin. Changes
      > in the gui made by the admin do change the defaults.
      > I don't know too much about windows 2000 permissions yet, so I may
      > have some bad setting I don't know about.
      > Any advice appreciated,
      > -- Nik

      The restricted user, the admins group and system now have full access
      to the notetab folder but the problem persists.

      -- Nik
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