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18583Re: [NTB] Re: Bug: ^P different in replace between Pro/Light/Standard ?

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Mar 15, 2006
      > Since ^P is [supposedly] a carriage return/line feed pair (^C^L) have
      > you tried using those instead of ^P? When testing in PRO, using them
      > totogether produces an extra line, while using either ^C or ^L
      > produces the same results as ^P.

      Good idea Jim,

      Tried it ... same result exactly in light as using ^P ... does not
      replace the return character. That gives me another idea though that
      will be faster ... hmmm.

      I tried highlight all and join line. That did make it all on one line,
      but the phantom return then becomes a space. I then replaced all spaces
      (I have no spaces in the file/data I am working on) and I did it must
      faster than my line by line replace. This is flat out a bug in notetab
      -- I am convinced.

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