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18578Re: [NTB] Bug: ^P different in replace between Pro/Light/Standard ?

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  • Jody
    Mar 15, 2006
      Hi dpasseng,

      I passed this over to the Clips list. Please look for replies
      over there. See the footer to join Clips the list or go to

      >I think I recall prior discussion on this issue. I wrote a clip that
      >does this:
      >^!Replace "^P" >> "|" ATIWS
      >It works on a file that looks like this:
      >In Pro it comes out:
      >In Light it comes out:
      >I guess I consider this to be a bug, probably created by the
      >"control". It should behave the same. Worse yet, I cannot figure out
      >what the characters are I am searching for because if I highlight the
      >"return" it appears to show some extra character (that looks like a
      >space at the end of the line) but if I copy after highlighting and put
      >in a search in replace window it is just a ^P character, but it
      >doesn't work.

      The bug is in Std/Light. This is the work-around I just now made:

      >I think we discussed this a while ago, but I cannot find it. Any
      >suggestions for how I write my clip to work regardless of the version
      >of notetab I am in? Can I check for Pro vs Standard vs Light in the
      >application name and then vary the input in that search term?
      >Can someone with standard tell me does it show standard in the
      >application name at the top when it is running?
      >What do I need to put in there for standard? Will it be the same as

      NoteTab Pro looks correct to me. NoteTab Standard/Light use the
      same input control which mat or may not be where the problem is.

      I have a copy of the bug in my bug folder for NoteTab in another
      copy of my mail client and will send this to it anyway.

      >Help ... anybody remember this discussion and the solution?

      I remember it, but have it in my bugs folder in another copy of
      NoteTab. I made a Clip that will work-around the problem. I'll
      post it along with this message on the Clips list. Please
      continue the thread using Clips over on that list. TIA

      Happy Clip'n!

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