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18503Re: [NTB] previewing - viewing

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  • loro
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Hello and welcome

      >Just like my name says, I am a newbie with notetab along with the fact
      >I am building my first website.
      >Can anyone tell me how I can view/preview the results of the images,
      >etc I have built with html using notetab light (html - another new
      >challenge for me!)? Do I have to save the data to some special place
      >or in a specific format?

      Not in any special place, but you need to save as .html.

      On the Tools menu you find "View In Browser" and "Other Browser". Those
      options will send the focused document to the browsers of your choice
      either the document is saved or not (a temp doc is created if not saved).
      You set the browsers to use at View | Options | Internet.

      You can also have buttons for this on the toolbar. If you don't see them,
      right-click on the toolbar and choose Properties. There you can choose what
      buttons you want to show.

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