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18406Re: the ! operand

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  • John Zeman
    Jan 1, 2006
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "lesliedsmith" <leslie@s...> wrote:
      > I've been trying to make a not operand work in a regular expression
      > for search and replace, but ! is not well documented under the regular
      > expression documentation. It only says that it has the same
      > precedence as + and *. Does any one know how to use ! and what it does?
      > Leslie

      While ! means NOT in several languages, it has no special meaning in NoteTab RegEx. Instead the caret (^) character means NOT when it is used within square brackets. For example,


      matches anything but a digit.

      However when used at the beginning of an expression without the square brackets ^ has a different meaning.


      will match "cow" but only if it is at the very beginning of a line.

      Happy New Year!

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