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18395Re: [NTB] Document Links

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  • hsavage
    Dec 29, 2005
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      loro wrote:
      > hsavage wrote:
      >> In addition I've found, generally speaking, if the file you're
      >> searching/seeking is not in 'NoteTab's Documents folder' you will have
      >> to specify the path within the link.
      > <snip>
      >> This link works,
      >> [12steps.txt],
      >> the file is in the NoteTab Document folder, a subfolder of the NoteTab
      >> main folder.
      > Harvey,
      > I dare guess that the document you write the link in is in Notetab's
      > Documents folder too. Otherwise it wouldn't work. These hyperlinks
      can use
      > relative paths, in the same way as relative URLs work, i.e. they are
      > relative to the current document. If I have foo.txt on my desktop, I can
      > write a link to bar.txt that's is in the baaz folder on my desktop
      like this:
      > [bar\baaz.txt].
      > Lotta


      You are correct, the document I tested with was/is in the Documents
      folder, I suppose that means only files that may be located thru the
      Windows basepath can be loaded without the path included.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

      'Silence, the Final Frontier:'
      'Where No Woman Has Gone Before.'
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