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18393Re: [NTB] Document Links

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  • loro
    Dec 29, 2005
      hsavage wrote:
      >In addition I've found, generally speaking, if the file you're
      >searching/seeking is not in 'NoteTab's Documents folder' you will have
      >to specify the path within the link.
      >This link works,
      >the file is in the NoteTab Document folder, a subfolder of the NoteTab
      >main folder.


      I dare guess that the document you write the link in is in Notetab's
      Documents folder too. Otherwise it wouldn't work. These hyperlinks can use
      relative paths, in the same way as relative URLs work, i.e. they are
      relative to the current document. If I have foo.txt on my desktop, I can
      write a link to bar.txt that's is in the baaz folder on my desktop like this:

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