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18312Re: [NTB] Line Numbering

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  • hsavage
    Dec 11, 2005
      bildgeboy wrote:
      > I have completed the installation and set .txt documemts to use NoteTab
      > rather than NotePad. Now I want to call for Line Numbering on
      > all .txt documents. Using the "Lines Menu" I have called for line
      > numbering but no numbers appear on the .txt documents. Pease advise as
      > to how I should go about this.
      > Thanks, Bill


      I haven't used numbering very much but I think numbers are on a per doc
      basis, this isn't a default setting, each doc will have to be numbered

      Additions to a doc will have to be numbered in a continuing fashion, as

      The text to be numbered, and only the text to be numbered, must be
      selected to number correctly. You cannot renumber previously numbered
      text without first removing the old numbers.

      The numbering menu is, Modify > Lines > Number Lines, when accessed the
      dialog gives you a default numbering start of 1, you can change this to
      whatever number needed for continuing numbering.

      Apparently there is no default hotkey for numbering, if you want you can
      create one.

      In the NoteTab main folder is a file named shortcuts.dat. You can add
      you own shortcuts to the file. Open and study the file to grasp the method.

      I didn't have a numbering hotkey but created one as follows;

      Ctrl+Shift+N Modify/Lines/Number Lines
      Ctrl+Shift+X Modify/Lines/Sort/Ascending
      Ctrl+Shift+Z Modify/Lines/Sort/Descending

      Add your own shortcut and save the file, that's it.

      Ctrl+Shift+N was not otherwise assigned so I used that key combo for the
      numbering hotkey.


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