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18295Replacing Notepad with NoteTab Light v.4.95

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  • ayezeeone
    Dec 8, 2005
      Yes, I realize you've probably had this question 5000 times, but I
      just don't have time to search through a million more posts. I found
      one page here with a link which was supposed to supply the answer, but
      the link was no good.

      So, when in NoteTab v.4.95, and I click on "Help" and then click
      on "Replace MS Notepad" and go through that step, it doesn't replace
      Notepad with NoteTab afterall.

      Do I need to rename Notepad's and NoteTab's extensions?

      I'm aware that WFP may be preventing the replacement, but tips on how
      to get around this would be appreciated.

      Matter of fact, any help here is appreciated.
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