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18289RE: [NTB] Need help reformatting text for line length

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 27, 2005
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      Hi Dan,

      > Could somebody give a simple series of steps to reformat text to a
      > fixed line length, say 65 characters, when it has already been
      > formatted to a shorter length, say 60 characters.
      > I'm using Notetab Pro.

      1. Select the text (CTRL-A, assuming it's all the text)
      2. CTRL-SHIFT-M (Opens Reformat Lines Dialogue)
      3. TAB (To move cursor to Text width line)
      4. Type required line length (e.g. 65)
      5. ENTER


      This assumes that you are seeking hard returns at the end of each line.

      If you're just wanting to wrap the text on screen then...

      1. ALT-D (to open Document Menu)
      2. P (to open properties dialogue)
      3. ALT-C (to toggle the wrap to column box)
      4. TAB (to move to value box)
      5. xx (enter required vale)
      6. ENTER

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