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18287Re: [NTB] Need help reformatting text for line length

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Nov 26, 2005
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      grandstaffnc wrote:
      > Don wrote:
      >>>I don't mess with wordwrap much, but if you first join the lines?
      >>>Modify/lines/join, and then re-wrap them?
      > Here's a slight elaboration of what you suggest that worked for me:
      > Change the "Wrap to Column" to desired setting. In my case: 65
      > You do this from View/Options/Documents
      > In the document you want to change, Select All.
      > THEN do Modify/Lines/Join Lines.
      > When you do this, everything gets reformatted to the new line length.
      > Thanks,
      > Dan

      What version of notetab are you working in? Light, Pro or Standard?
      In Pro I don't need to join anything, it just does it for me.
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