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18284Re: [NTB] Need help reformatting text for line length

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Nov 26, 2005
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      grandstaffnc wrote:
      > Could somebody give a simple series of steps to reformat text to a
      > fixed line length, say 65 characters, when it has already been
      > formatted to a shorter length, say 60 characters.
      > I tried "Reformat Lines" but it doesn't "lengthen" the lines from 60
      > to 65. I have WordWrap set at 65 in Options, but I'm wanting to redo
      > some earlier 60 character articles to the new line length.
      > I'm using Notetab Pro.
      > Thanks to Don for solving my previous dilemma.
      > Dan

      I don't mess with wordwrap much, but if you first join the lines?
      Modify/lines/join, and then re-wrap them?
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