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18229Using NT for Nanowrimo

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  • Mike Brown
    Oct 25, 2005
      Hi all. Just curious if anyone had used Notetab Pro for the Nat'l
      Novel-writing competition (http://nanowrimo.org). I used a shareware
      program called Journal last year, but I'm on a new PC now and want to
      leverage fewer apps to do more things.

      If you're not familiar with nanowrimo, the goal is to write a 50,000
      word novel from scratch during November. You have to average about
      1,660 words/day to stay on track.

      So my goals are to be able to easily track my daily word count and
      then, at the end, have a text file to upload to the nanowrimo robot.
      It automatically counts the number of words in the file and determines
      if you're winner. (The goal is to write and finish a new novel, not to
      write a *good* novel :)

      Here's how I'm thinking of approaching it:

      1. Open a new outline file.
      2. Give each heading a date. Or just Day01, Day02, etc.
      3. Use the word count feature to make sure I hit the quota for the
      day. (Maybe save the counts to a different heading so I can have a
      running total?)
      4. At the end of the month, export to a DOS text file, do a final word
      count to make sure I'm comfortably over 50,000 words.

      I think the headings are exported with the text, yes? That may be a
      problem as it may artificially inflate the word count. (But perhaps
      not more artificial than taking two pages to describe a bathroom, or
      something. Nanowrimo'ers are shameless in their ploys to boost their
      word count on uninspired days.)

      Any ideas on improving this process are appreciated!

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