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17962Re: [NTB] Time/Date Icon changeable content?

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Jul 19, 2005
      BK wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I'm thinking this post should be in this group, let me know if I'm wrong.
      > I have a chore to do numerous times a day where I have to put a comment
      > into an HTML file with my name and the date.
      > If I could just click on the Date icon life would be so much easier :)
      > Is it possible to add anything to what plays out onscreen?
      > 11:32 7/19/2005 -- is what I get when I click the icon.
      > Could it possibly be changed to include my name with the date inside an
      > HTML comment?
      > Let me know if I should be in the Clip list with this question.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > --BK

      It can easily be done with a simple clip also if you wish. Of course
      for that answer you would need to ask over there.
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