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17960Re: [NTB] Time/Date Icon changeable content?

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  • Mike Hopkins
    Jul 19, 2005
      > Is it possible to add anything to what plays out onscreen?
      > 11:32 7/19/2005 -- is what I get when I click the icon.
      > Could it possibly be changed to include my name with the date inside an
      > HTML comment?


      Dear BK:
      In PRO I got :

      <!-- Approved Jul 19, 2005 at 13:15 by Mike Hopkins -->

      using the F5 key after I entered the following string in the
      VIEW >> OPTIONS >> TOOLS >> Date Filter":

      "<!-- Approved" MMM dd, yyyy "at" HH:mm "by Mike Hopkins -->"

      A little experimentation showed that the quotes are necessary.
      I didn't try to see if there is a limit to the length of a message.
      Check the help files for the format of date/time.
      Neat. Good question!!

      Mike Hopkins
      ironmike |AT| inav.net
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