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17649EWinError while loading up NoteTabPro

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  • wayland
    Mar 1, 2005
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      I have not written this list in a couple of years. This morning I
      encountered a problem while loading up NoteTab Pro. The application simply
      will not run. It went something like this:

      EWin32Error in module NOTEPRO.EXE at 0000E0C3. A Win32 API function failed.

      Jody, perhaps you know about this, or might have heard. I have copied this
      email to Eric. If he does not get this, perhaps you could ask him what I
      should do. Eric, if you do get this, since this is your program, maybe you
      can tell me what to do. I really need to be able to use Note Tab Pro.


      Wayland Fowler
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