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17609Re: [NTB] Re: Unable to enter new text in Find dialog

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  • Jody
    Feb 11, 2005
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      Hi Brent,

      >> Have you tried editing the ini file and removing all the find
      >> and replace listed and then restarting notetab again and or
      >> also try replacing the rich edit control in windows.
      >> THANKYOU DAVE in au
      >I did try removing the sections in the INI file before. That has
      >the interesting effect of allowing it to work once. But after
      >the first time it goes back to the same old problem.

      If you edit the INI file while NoteTab is open you need to save
      the file with an exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini)
      in front of it and restart NoteTab.

      >I installed the new msftedit.dll into the Windows/System32 directory
      >to no avail. I tried to move the riched32.dll from that directory but
      >something keeps copying it back. Its only 4 KB. Still no change.

      The riched32.dll is only used by Std/Light. The Windows Fault
      Protection system is what keeps copying it back. There's a
      reasonably good chance though that it is the problem, especially
      if the problem is in Notepad too (and you are in Std/Light). I
      would replace it from the copy on your Windows CD. You need to
      sign up on the Off Topic list for more help in finding it on it
      or somewhere else.

      Happy Topics,

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